Well-being in the workplace

We recognise that modern life is fast paced, which can lead to increased stress and pressures in both professional and personal life. This can negatively affect employee productivity and morale, potentially resulting in long-term absences because of illness.

To support the well-being needs of our team, we recently engaged a therapist to provide upper back and neck massages for everyone in the office. This initiative complements the suite of well-being practices and policies we have already put in place, such as financial help towards the cost of physical therapies, and our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provided by Health Assured, which offers a set of comprehensive well-being support services. We have also recently enrolled all staff in an online training session focused on mental health and wellness in the workplace.

We regularly review these well-being initiatives to ensure they are meeting the needs of our team and are giving them the tools and support they need to succeed. Additionally, we actively encourage our staff to inform us of any areas where we can improve our well-being practices.

Together, we hope these measures will help improve the health and wellbeing of our team, fostering a productive and positive work atmosphere.