Volunteering at Stonebridge City Farm

At HWA, our commitment to community well-being extends beyond the office. As part of our annual Corporate Social Values initiative, some of our dedicated staff recently volunteered their time at Stonebridge City Farm in Nottingham.

Nestled in the heart of Nottingham, Stonebridge City Farm provides a welcome haven for families and the community at large. Operating as a charity, the farm relies significantly on generous donations to sustain its operations. We were delighted to contribute to their cause by dedicating a day of manual labour to support their ongoing efforts.

Our dynamic team, consisting of Jo, Dave, Claudia, and Callum, took on the task of replacing a deteriorated wooden walkway with a durable compacted stone path. A meticulous process unfolded as they carefully inspected each piece of wood, salvaging anything that could find a new purpose elsewhere on the farm.

While the day proved physically demanding, our team found immense satisfaction in their work. Their efforts not only enhanced the farm’s infrastructure but also contributed to its sustainability goals. Despite the exhaustion and sore muscles, the overall sentiment was one of fulfilment and pride as they reflected on the impact of their contributions.

For those who wish to further support Stonebridge City Farm, we encourage you to explore donation opportunities on their website: https://stonebridgecityfarm.com/

Your generosity can make a meaningful difference in maintaining this vital community space.