Uptake in PV panel installations

In recent months, there has been a notable surge in businesses recognising the environmental and economic benefits of integrating solar panels into their infrastructure. Consequently, our workload has increased because of the demand from solar panel installers, who require us to assess building structures for their ability to bear the extra weight of the panels.

Our role in this process is crucial, as we aim to provide a definitive evaluation, showing whether a building is structurally suitable for the additional loading. Conducting thorough visual assessments allows us to deliver a clear pass or fail, ensuring the success and safety of the solar panel project.

To enhance our assessments, we also utilise information about the building’s construction, often referred to as-built drawings. These drawings aid us in understanding the structural nuances of the building, enabling us to make informed decisions.

Beyond the environmental benefits, investing in solar panels also offers a practical financial incentive. Businesses can sell excess electricity generated but not utilised back to the National Grid, turning their solar investment into a revenue stream. This not only promotes sustainability but also contributes to the establishment of a more energy-efficient and economically viable future. As we continue to witness this positive trend in solar panel adoption, our commitment to ensuring the structural integrity of buildings remains paramount in supporting the growth of sustainable energy solutions.