Transforming history; a look at the development at Rock Valley, Mansfield

We are delighted to share exciting updates on the progress of the upcoming retirement village at the iconic Rock Valley site. As the appointed structural and civil engineering consultants, we are thrilled to be contributing to this transformative project for Walker & Son.

Preserving the heritage of Rock Valley, the historic clock tower from the former Metal Box Company factory stands proudly as the sole remnant of the original Rock Valley Works. Situated at the south end of the site, this landmark building coexisted with Rock Mill—a water-powered mustard mill located at the north end.

With works on site beginning with the Mustard Mill apartments, this marks the start of a new chapter. Comprising 8 thoughtfully designed residences for individuals aged 55 and above, this building occupies the north eastern corner of the site. JDA Architects, who are leading the project, have ingeniously drawn inspiration from the site’s industrial roots, ensuring a seamless blend of modern living with historical significance.

An intriguing aspect of the development involves the River Maun, which runs through the site in both open air and hidden below-ground culverts. In revealing the history of the site, the design presents the river as a focal point, reminiscent of how it used to flow beneath the mill and expand on the eastern side to form a picturesque dam. By integrating the River Maun into the overall design of the site, the objective is to revive the charm captured in archival photographs, providing residents with a window into the historical allure of the Rock Valley site.

Stay tuned for more updates on this extraordinary journey of transformation.