Transforming Chartwell House in Nottingham

Chartwell House in Nottingham is in the final stages of its transformation from an office building into residential self-serviced apartments.

Our initial visual inspection of the structure identified the load-bearing elements of the structure, followed by a meticulous review of the proposed alteration plans. This enabled us to determine the required remedial works, including modifications to the existing timber trusses to create an open span roof space for additional bedrooms. On the ground floor, load-bearing walls have been removed to create stunning open-plan living areas. The existing stair core will be filled in to further enhance the design providing extra floor space.

The transformation of Chartwell House is a testament to innovative architectural design and careful structural engineering. With the integration of modern living spaces within a historically significant structure, future residents can look forward to enjoying the blend of spacious, open-plan interiors and the character of a thoughtfully adapted historic building.