Sustainability Consultancy Project

We recently attended an event held by Nottingham Business School at Nottingham Trent University for a low carbon consultancy project some business students undertook as part of their degree. This was the culmination of a year long relationship with NTU which started with our Practice Manager participating in Carbon Management Workshops in the early part of last year to gain an understanding of how to monitor and plan for reducing our carbon footprint.

Our appointed student consultant group worked together to review the baseline data we provided and calculated our carbon footprint making some suggestions on how we could reduce it. The presentation of their work was delivered at the event and gave us lots to think about. The aim of the NTU project is to engage the students in sustainability whilst helping local businesses look at the impact of their own carbon emissions. After graduation some of the students will go on to employment in the sustainability sector, or perhaps work for a company in a business and sustainability role.

Our next step is a short seminar delivered to us by the Sustainability in Enterprise team at Nottingham Business School which will demonstrate the business case for sustainability and educate us on what we can do to help protect our planet as a company, and as individuals. This will drive our sustainability action plan forward, hopefully getting our employees actively engaged in carbon reduction. This includes exploring how we can create sustainable structural and civil engineering solutions through thoughtful design.

We can all make simple changes to mitigate the effects of climate change which would result in a better planet for everyone, after all “what we do today will shape tomorrow’s world” (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach).

A huge thank you goes out to Team 5B – Emma Greenhalgh, David Titus, Zack Redden, Ewen Barclay and Antonis Vassilou – who have allowed us to share the poster they created. We wish you all the best for the future.