Sustainability consultancy project with Nottingham Trent University

We are delighted to have taken part once again in Nottingham Trent University’s low carbon consultancy project in collaboration with the Business School. This marks our second consecutive year of engagement with this initiative.

Our task for the student consultant group was to tackle the challenge of reducing carbon emissions from commuter mileage. We sought to enhance transportation efficiency to foster a culture of sustainable travel practices, ultimately aiming to shrink our carbon footprint. Armed with the data we provided, the student consultants analysed our operations and devised strategies to help us achieve our goals.

Their findings, presented at the university sustainability event, provided us with invaluable insights and sparked meaningful discussions within our organisation. The recommendations provided by the student group have given us lots to think about and will serve as a solid foundation for our ongoing sustainability efforts.

The primary goal of the NTU project goes beyond just providing consultancy services. It strives to cultivate a sense of environmental responsibility among students and empower local businesses to evaluate and reduce their carbon emissions. It’s heartening to know that many of these talented students will eventually embark on careers in sustainability, equipped with practical experience and a passion for positive change.

Building upon our previous involvement in the project, we will use the further knowledge gained to refine and enhance our Carbon Management Action Plan. With each year, we move closer to our vision of a greener, more sustainable future.

Thank you to Team 4B – Ee Von Goh, Muhammed Adeyemo, Youssef Hussein, Abigail Ogunyinka and Georgia Doherty