Reflections and revelations: A half-year journey on a year in industry placement

As we quickly approach the end of March, it’s astonishing to think that our undergraduate placement student, Dami, has already been with us for 6 months. Currently enrolled at Nottingham Trent University, Dami is pursuing a BEng in Civil Engineering. He will resume his studies in September to complete the final year of his degree.

We asked Dami to share his thoughts on his placement year so far. Keep reading to discover what he has to say.

This positive sentiment speaks volumes about Dami’s experience within our organisation and affirms the supportive and collaborative work environment we strive to foster. From the outset, we view our placement students as integral members of our team, investing time in getting to know them and dedicating considerable effort toward training, supporting, and mentoring them.

Our experienced team serves as an invaluable source of learning, and Dami’s journey exemplifies the success of this approach. As he continues to flourish, we take pride in his accomplishments and how well he has seamlessly integrated into our team.