Year Completed:

47 Dwellings 1.3HA

LACE Housing / Waddington Developments


The apartments were developed by a Housing Association and the houses by a private developer. HWA were appointed to both schemes and oversaw the strategy and servicing for the site as a whole.

HWA dealt with the approval processes associated with the adoptable highways and adoptable drainage systems and in the discharge of the engineering-related planning conditions. This resulted in a refinement to the planning approved drainage system which, in turn, led to a reduction in cost and prevented major disruption to existing residents in the area.

In addition to designing highway and drainage schemes to a standard suitable for adoption, our layouts also made provision for future expansion.

Designs were produced for a range of house types, and for the apartment block. The foundation designs took account of highly shrinkable clay and provided an economical solution whilst taking into account extensive vegetation.

Key Contact

Andy Bowler