London Road, Brighton

A recent visit to our London Road project in the New England quarter of Brighton marked the completion of the concrete frame with a final pour of concrete at roof level. This signifies another milestone in the construction of the new mixed use student accommodation.

The building has been designed to echo the brickwork of nearby St Bartholomew’s church but surrounding the London Road site an unfamiliar construction material known as Bungaroosh can be found. This unusual building material has a longstanding history in the Brighton and Hove seaside area dating back to the mid-18th and late-19th centuries. Bungaroosh can comprise various components, such as broken bricks, cobble, flint, even pieces of wood, which are then mixed with hydraulic lime to create the composite material. It is often hidden behind the elegant stuccoed facades of the Regency houses in the area but is now outdated for modern construction.

Regenerating Providence Place Square, this high quality development will provide a welcome addition for residents and students alike and is due to be ready for students in September 2024.