Local railway heritage project for HWA

It was very much a case of ‘here today gone tomorrow’ for the old Signal box at Lowdham Station when it was moved overnight from its position next to the Level Crossing to its new resting place behind the station.

The project to move the signal box which dates from the 19th century and restore it to its original condition is the brainchild of Lowdham Railway Heritage, a group led by local enthusiast David Moore. It is hoped that the Box will ultimately be opened to the public as a small signalling museum.  

Moving the signal box was no small undertaking and HWA were delighted to be involved in this unusual local project. Our role was to firstly assess the structure and work out how it could be moved without damage. We designed a steel frame to support it whilst being lifted and securely connect it to the crane hook. The railway was closed overnight while the lift was carried out and the signal box now rests safely in its new position, on a base also designed by HWA.

Giles (a bit of a train enthusiast himself) oversaw the project, and was pleased to be able to offer HWA’s expertise and services to enable a piece of local railway history to be preserved for the community to enjoy.  David Moore said ‘we are grateful to HWA for its work and professional advice in planning the move, and to all our volunteers for their assistance in making this happen.’