Keeping it in the family

This week we passed on our very best wishes to our colleague John Taylder on his retirement. John has been a Senior Engineer at HWA for nearly 7 years and his commitment, hard work and experience have been hugely valuable to the business. Sadly we were unable to gather in person for his send off, but a virtual gathering was held in his honour, and gifts delivered rather than given in person.

But we are delighted to announce that we are ‘keeping it in the family’ at HWA as we welcome John’s son Dave Taylder as Principal Engineer. Dave is a Chartered Engineer and as well as wide experience in a number of sectors, his enthusiasm and commitment ensure he will be a great fit into the team.

Adding his best wishes to ours, Dave commented that although retirement would provide more time for his Dad to pursue other interests, the grandchildren would undoubtedly still be keeping him busy!