Employee satisfaction survey

We have just conducted our inaugural employee satisfaction survey to gather the valuable opinions and insights of our team members. We greatly appreciate their input and were eager to gauge our company’s performance and determine how we can better support our employees in their roles.

Our aim was to identify areas of strength and others that may benefit from improvement, ultimately ensuring that HWA continues to be a fantastic workplace for everyone and facilitating the growth of our business.

We are happy to report that the overwhelming majority of feedback we have received shows a strong sense of satisfaction with our organisational culture, work environment, and colleague relationships. This truly showcases the unwavering dedication of our entire team in creating a positive and supportive workplace.

By fully participating in the process, our staff has shown their commitment to the success and well-being of our organisation. Together, we will continue to cultivate a workplace culture that encourages collaboration, growth, and mutual respect.

The feedback we have received will serve as a valuable guide for continuous improvement and innovation.