Birthday celebrations for Director Dave Taylder

Director Dave Taylder recently marked a significant milestone celebrating his 40th birthday. Since joining HWA in 2020, he has risen through the ranks to become an integral member of the management team, first as Associate and then securing a promotion to Director in June 2022.

To celebrate, we took Dave out for an evening of fun and games at The Roxy Ballroom in Nottingham. After bar snacks and drinks, it was time for a game of ten-pin bowling which saw Admin join forces with the civils team to challenge the structural engineers and technicians. With some less-than-stellar bowling performances from Jo and Michaela (they blame the drinks), the structures team led by the birthday boy emerged victorious.

We then surprised Dave with an hour of karaoke, providing him the perfect opportunity to unleash his inner rock star. Dave was absolutely thrilled and eagerly stepped up to the microphone, kickstarting a series of group performances and duets fuelled by the infectious energy of the night. Standout moments included Dan and Callum channelling the spirit of Kylie and Jason with a stunning rendition of ‘Especially for You’. Another highlight came when Callum joined forces with Jack for an unforgettable performance of ‘Breaking Free’ from High School Musical, leaving everyone cheering for more, or perhaps it was “no more”, the music was very loud and it was hard to tell!

The evening was brought to a perfect end with an enthusiastic collective rendition of the wonderfully anthemic ‘We Are Young,’ leaving everyone in agreement that it was another truly memorable HWA night out.