Celebrating a milestone

In just one year, Rob has become a highly esteemed member of the HWA team. His unwavering commitment to our core values has not only impressed his colleagues but has seamlessly integrated into the fabric of our daily operations, contributing to our collaborative success. As we reflect on his remarkable journey with us, it’s hard to believe that it’s only been a year since he joined our ranks.

Taking a moment to reflect, Rob says, “Making the move to HWA was a big decision for me, having spent well over a decade with my last employer. Having previously worked with Dan, Dave & Andy it made the transition very easy. I was made welcome by Giles and the rest of team at HWA, and I soon felt at home and settled in.

Given the company’s favourable stance on employee well-being and a busy social calendar, even though I primarily work remotely, I am fully included as a valued member of the team, where everyone’s opinions are respected and supported.

My work largely consists of structural inspections, with a good bulk of this for Solar PV installations. I have the opportunity to project co-ordinate some ‘real’ jobs, which gives me a good variety and depth. Highlights this year include going airside at both Birmingham & Luton Airports and getting up close and personal to the UK’s largest roof top PV installation.

If you know me, you will know my voluntary work is important to me and HWA’s flexible approach and support allows me to continue with my commitments as Lead Volunteer for Belper District Scouts and still manage a full working week without burning the candle at both ends.

Having settled in nicely I’m looking forward to my 2nd year at HWA and seeing the company grow with new employees who are made to feel as welcome as I have been”.

This positive sentiment speaks volumes about his experience within our organisation and affirms the supportive and collaborative work environment we strive to foster.

As we celebrate Rob’s successful first year, we look forward to many more years of shared accomplishments. With his proven track record and dedication to our values, we are confident that Rob will continue to excel in his role as Principal Engineer and play a pivotal role in shaping the future successes of HWA.