Summer news bulletin

As midsummers day approaches, we are taking a moment to reflect on the last 12 weeks. ‘Unprecedented’ is a word that has been used often, and no one can argue with that – every person in the country has been affected by the pandemic, some sadly more devastatingly than others. As we all tentatively move forwards in both work and home life though, HWA remains committed to providing the best service we possibly can to our clients.

Home working has had its challenges, but we are incredibly proud of the way in which our team has adapted to meet these challenges full on. It’s been a steep learning curve at times, but projects have continued without missing a beat and everyone has remained positive. We’ve enjoyed Bank Holiday quizzes, seeing other people’s choice of wallpaper and the proverbial hair (or lack of hair) jokes. We’ve missed the day to day ebb and flow of office life and caramel doughnuts. As much as we want to get back to ‘normal’ however, we must take it gently and safely. Work continues apace though, with some colleagues back working at Brewery House and all of us, of course, contactable in the usual way.